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Jorge Núñez

Full Face Exposure / Pleno Rostro

Full Face Exposure / Pleno Rostro will be an executable file that will deploy a spiral of totally exposed faces. Within this interactive software, the hood (i.e. the main menu) is the work table. Connections lead from the room to different video sequences, forming a series of fantastic fables. These are rehearsals for intended future films. They are memories contained on the skin of someone else’s face. Faces are generated on faces, the taut skin that has settled on a new face. Totality is elusive by nature and, as a result, it will take place at a crossroads in the digital.

The fantastic as such is a tool that allows him to delve into his own aesthetics and conventions and to drive his influences (the residual, Z movies, popular stories, pulp...) towards experimental and unknown places.

Narrative exposed to the air and placed on other people's skin.

#vídeo #fantasía #terror #experimental

He makes films, drawings and music. PhD in Fine Arts in 2013 from the UPV-EHU with a Doctoral Thesis Frictions. Dramatic Artifices in Contemporary Cinema. (Fricciones. Artificios Dramáticos en el Cine contemporáneo). Guest professor for the InCreArte Master's Degree at the UPV-EHU. From 2013 to 2016 he co-directed the Puerta cultural space in Bilbao. He has made such films as Mummy Brown (Marrón de Momia (2012), The Mask of Atlantis (2013), Teenagers 2001 (2015), Alien Witches (2016), the trilogy Night Terrors: Abduction Scars (2018), Surface (2019) and Temple of Doom (2019) and The Night Flier AKA Fleeting AKA Full Exposure (2020); he has carried out projects in collaboration with Idensitat, Consorci de Museus CV, CC Las Cigarreras, eremuak, Halfhouse (Barcelona), Hamaca Online, Tabakalera (San Sebastian), Musac (Leon), Azala (Araba), Storm And Drunk (Madrid), NauEstruch (Sabadell), Pugnant Film Series (Athens), Syros International Film Fest (Greece) and The Guesthouse (Cork, Ireland); and since 2012 he has organised the festival of strange cinema Ghostly Screen (Pantalla Fantasma).