Matadero Madrid center for contemporary creation

From January to October 2023


Research residency from and for the Chinese community

The Liwai team is made up of interdisciplinary professionals of Chinese origin. Liwai’s residency project aims to create spaces of encounter, reflection and creation based on and for residents of Chinese origin in Madrid, beginning with the singularity of the individuals and the heterogeneous nature of the community, through diverse actions of a cultural, artistic, educational and social nature.

Its work methodology consists of working groups that develop lines of research on art, performance art, intercultural mediation and the empowerment of the young Chinese generation. In 2023, in addition to maintaining the working groups set up in previous years, such as the Crab Pro Performance Company, Liwai is not only going to expand the group of young artists from the Chinese diaspora through a call for proposals but it is also going to open new ways of collaboration with think tanks such as the Salón 2x2 or the Queering ALL feminist collective.

In addition, in their work of mentoring creative processes, they will be supporting the Bamboo Roof photographic project and Hanfu, the traditional Chinese costume group. They will also continue to schedule their Meetings of Creators of the Chinese Diaspora in Spain.