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Being Berber


The music projects chosen to fill out the roster in this, our third round of residencies, are Austin Tv, M A J E S T A D, Niño Burbuja, Raisa, and &.
La Nave de Música at Matadero Madrid opens its studios to new music projects and takes them in, in its third open call for residencies for musicians.  The music projects chosen to fill out the roster in this, our third round of residencies, are Austin Tv, M A J E S T A D, Niño Burbuja, Raisa and &.   In this, our third open call, five music projects (individual and group projects) have been selected to have access to the work spaces and resources provided by Nave de Música and the Red Bull Studio located within.  Their stay will begin July 1, 2013, ending September 30.   As part of the experience and taking place at its end, all chosen projects will record the results of their work at the Red Bull Studio, which features all the professional technical equipment needed for the recording, as well as the assistance of a sound technician.   Residents will also have the chance to present their work to the public on stage at Nave de Música, an activity that will be included in the official programming at Matadero Madrid.   The residencies for musicians have been designed to stimulate creation, production, and innovation amongst musicians on the local scene, facilitating the development of music projects by providing free-of-charge the resources made available by Nave de Música at Matadero Madrid, and by providing support for the dissemination of their work.   The residencies for musicians program at Nave de Música began in October 2012 and, during these months, has featured a large number of artists spanning a broad spectrum of musical styles.  The first open call saw residents such as Automan, Being Berber, Doma and Orphidal, Envelope Collective, León Benavente, and Palo Alto.  The artists chosen from the second open call were Damian Schwartz, Modelo de Respuesta Polar, ELM, Modulok, and Skaar.     About the residents:   Austin Tv is an instrumental band from Mexico City who labels their music project as instrumental, hardcore, cinematic post rock, and performance.  The quintet, embarking on a European tour, will use its time at Nave de Música to continue with the creation of their fourth album.  During their residency they will give form to existing composiciones and create new ones.   M A J E S T A D is the new music project by Pepo Márquez and Jorge Ramos, who have come together again with a new name and new intentions.  Their intentions include making music they would not have made before, with instruments they would not have used in their other groups (Garzón, Grande-Marlaska, The Secret Society, Buena Esperanza, Nine Stories, Dana Lee).  During their residency at Nave de Música, they will write and produce the songs that will come to make up their first piece.  To do so, they will be aided by a number of musicians collaborating in differents aspects.   Niño Burbuja is an indie-electronic group based in Madrid that has garnered quite a lot of recognition, like being one of the winners of the Red Bull Tour Bus Indomesticables 2012.  The quartet's goal for their residency at Nave de Música is to develop and record several songs that reflect their direct and spontaneous spirit.   Raisa is a quartet that provokes a meeting between traditional and experimental forms.  They say there songs “are soundtracks to imaginary films directed by our subconsciousness”.  At Nave de Música they will work on a CD requiring a particular staging with visual aids.   & (amper sand) is Martí Perarnau (Mucho, Underwater Tea Party) and Matín Muñiz (The Right Ons, Jet Lag), who have brought together their musical talent and experience to work on a project together, based on love for old school electronic music leaving behind the overproduction using computers of today's day and age.  They will use their residency at Nave de Música to develop all their ideas and turn them into smash hits.