Matadero Madrid center for contemporary creation

From January to April 2022

Sofía Montenegro

The Radiance of the River (Fulgor del Río)

A process that involves working with sound which, on this occasion, takes as its starting point the observation of the Madrid Río Park from a specific location in the park and at a specific time.

This activities that form part of this residency seek to condense concepts and processes that Sofía has been carrying out over the course of the last two years in artistic exercises and sound journeys. In these exercises and journeys, she has explored questions related to the human capacity to imagine one’s environment in a different way, and to our power of listening in order to alter our visual perception, always in search of a magical and fictitious aspect of reality.

This project initially arose from her interest in sound and theatrical practices used in film and theatre. From that starting point, Sofía has experimented with different methodologies, different ways of approaching the cinematic from the auditory, without using projected images as a support. Only affecting what can be seen while one is listening. One of these sound methodologies that she has developed to generate an immersive listening experience, delves into the post-production of sound and the use of language, observing and recording what is spoken and the environment it is spoken in, and editing it from there.

She is now giving continuity to this work process by taking as her starting point the observation of the Madrid Río Park from a specific location in the park and at a specific time, the passage from winter to spring.


Sofía Montenegro (Madrid, 1988) lives and works in Barcelona. She incorporates different methodologies into her artistic practice that link sound to the visual and performance art, seeking ways to produce images in the imagination. She studied Fine Arts and Cultural Studies in both Utrecht and Madrid, and she took an MA in Art Praxis at the Dutch Art Institute. 

She recently won a Generations 2022 award and she was one of the residents if the 2020 Artists in Residence performance art 2020, programme run by MACBA, CA2M and LCE. Sofía has shared her work in exhibitions and activities at El Chico, MNCARS, CA2M, Hablar en Arte, Hangar and La Escocesa (Barcelona), the Dutch Art Institute, Bosque R.E.A.L., the Ekkisens Art Space (Reykjavik), Sala de Arte Joven, Teatro Pradillo, Laboral Centro de Arte (Gijon), W139 (Amsterdam) and the Tbilisi Triennial, among others. She has also taken part in residencies at the Addaya Centre d’Art Contemporani (Mallorca), Lugar a Dudas (Cali) and the Munich Kunstverein.

Image: I had to say it. Credit: Violeta Mayoral. House of Displacement, Hangar, 2020.