Matadero Madrid center for contemporary creation

Víctor Aguado
Nuria Gómez
María Mallo
Aurora Jonás
Ana de Fontecha


An artist residency programme for students selected among more than 200 proposals.
Banco Santander Foundation, in partnership with MATADERO MADRID and backed by Openbank, presents Studio Seeks Talent, an artist residency programme for students. From among the more than 200 proposals submitted, a jury of industry professionals selected the following projects, which will have use of work space in warehouse 16 of Matadero Madrid from 1 July until 31 August, as well as a grant of 3,000 euros to be employed in the production of their creations.   Víctor Aguado for his project: Contraarquitectura Nuria Gómez for her project: Voces del más allá Aurora Andrea González & Alberto Jonás Murias: Vacaciones María Mallo for her project: Sistemas radiolarios Ana de Fontecha for her project: Límites y variaciones    In addition to the space, which has been designed exclusively for the artists, professionals from the field will be visiting them to assist with their artistic training.   For further information, visit