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11am-2pm and 4pm-8pm
Nave Intermediae
Collective research into a new cultural paradigm through its media representation
A workshop kicking off collective research into a new cultural paradigm through its media representation.   It would be quite hard to understand cultural industries without first understanding the central position that love has attained in the heart of them.  If we took away love as a theme for pop music, film, literature, and television programmes, we would be left with scarcely any content, or we would at least have to make do without a main content that simultaneously forms the backbone for many others.   Here when we say love we do not mean a set of emotions and feelings that are felt and lived by those consuming cultural content.  Instead we are talking about a complex instrument pertaining to cultural industries and having different genealogies and manifestations.  We are talking about a discursive framework containing collective imaginations and sincretic representations.  We mean a set of archetypes, narratives, key words, situations, and conduct that are inextricably linked and woven into the content of cultural industries in a sort of discursive consensus of love.   Therefore, we must escape from the proverbially inrreproachable individual feeling and focus on disecting a social instrument represented and presented incessantly as text, pretext, or subtext in contemporary cultural products.   Amar en tiempos Hipster [Love in the Time of the Hipster] is a workshop that sets out to discover what is the ideal for love and what ways of experiencing sexuality are represented by all things “hipster”.  It is a workshop for analysis and the building of (ambiguous) texts using several kinds of language (discursive, journalistic, fiction and non-fiction, textual and audiovisual, ethnographic, pictorial, stage, and podcast) pertaining to the socio-emotional forms and sexuality that the hispter “subculture” offers and how we are affected, both socially and individually, by it.   When is it?  The workshop is made up of three intensive weekend sessions (morning/evening) over the months of February, March, and April 2013:   February 16-17 11am-2pm and 4pm-8pm.
 Hey, Hipsters!  Whatever Happened to Romantic Love?

March 16-17 11am-2pm and 4pm-8pm.
Open Love As In Open Bar

April 20-21 11am-2pm and 4pm-8pm.
Hipsteria Lane: Gentrifying Intimacy   Who can sign up?  Participation in the activities is open to all, but we especially encourage anyone interested in bringing their own project (research/creation) to the working process at the workshop throughout these months.  This workshop is not about talking; it is about doing.  The findings and/or products the work group comes up with will be "socialized", as a suggested outcome.   To sign up, write us an email at:   Love in the Time of the Hipster forms part of 404: School Not Found, a programme seeking to facilitate learning about/in/of cultural creation from the plurality of possibilities the problems presented by having to cover them all one single framework, to research new models for participation based on learning processes.  Co-curated by Jara Rocha.   Jaron Rowan is a researcher and cultural agitator.  He combines research and professorship, and for the last ten years has been a member and co-founder of YProductions, as well as one of the members comprising the Free Culture Forum and the research group Empresas del procomún. For the last seveal years he has been an advisor and a lecturer for the MA in Culture Industry at Goldsmiths University of London.  In 2010 he wrote the book Emprendizajes en cultura [Entrepreneurial Learning in Culture], published by Traficantes de Sueños.   Silvia Nanclares is a writer, pro-am editor, and a cultural activist.  She works and researches in the field of literature, the publishing world, and Free Culture, working on and supporting several collective projects such as Helvéticas, Escuela de Escritoras [Writer's School], #bookcamping, a publishing research collective and archive, and, where she has published  the collection of tales El Sur: Instrucciones de Uso [The South: Instructions for Use].  She works from time to time with media outlets such as Diagonal and  She keeps a blog, Entorno de Posibilidades [Environment of Possibilities].   For more information, click here.

To sign up, write to: