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Abstract Language Model: Technical insights and setup

Feb 3

Andreas Lutz is a German artist and musician whose initial works refer to alternative human machine interaction and the approach to create integrated and universal communication systems. In his recent work, he increasingly analyzes and reveals phenomenons of perception versus reality and principles of abstract aesthetics with audio-visual installations. The creation of experimental soundscapes and the relation of semiotics and sound are further aspects of his work.

For his workshop at Medialab, Andreas Lutz will give technical insights about his latest AV performance and installation „Abstract Language Model“. Topics will cover artificial neural net training with VAEs for creating models of all Unicode characters, development with Python for creating interpolations and visual representations for the models, integration with TouchDesigner via SharedMem and development of different visual states, synchronized setup with Ableton Live and TouchDesigner and synchronized setup for ArtNet/DMX output. 

After the initial presentation, two hours of joint work with the workshop members is planned for creating a basic synchronized AV setup with TouchDesigner and Ableton.


This workshop will be delivered in English.



3rd February 

11-13h presentation and technical insights 

14-16h workshop