Matadero Madrid center for contemporary creation

Affective digital archaeologies

July 13
Nave 17. Aulario

Registration (deadline Thursday, July 11 at 23:59 h.): Through this link


This training is part of the public program "Mortals of the World, Unite!", curated by Amaia Sánchez-Velasco and Jorge Valiente Oriol of Grandeza Studio as part of their situated research project “Revisiting Titono: Tentacular Geographies of Eternal Youth”.


Raquel Vázquez Romero and Laura Dominguez Valdivieso, artists, architects, specialized in the creation of digital worlds, will give a training course designed as a deep immersion in the intersection of digital technology, collective memory and artistic creation.

Through exploration and creative manipulation of elements of the physical world, participants will develop skills to construct narratives and create digital worlds that reflect and transform their understanding of the past, present and future, and serve as a space for reflection, archiving and artistic expression. Imaginaries are collective constructions of ideas, images and symbols that a society or group shares about the world and their place in it. Participants in the activity will be invited to construct and deconstruct imaginaries through their digital narratives, exploring visions of the future and visiting methodologies of mythologies, cultural beliefs or historical narratives that shape and transform perceived reality.

No prior knowledge is necessary, but two previous texts will be required to contextualize the course.

The following technical materials will be required:

- Computer with Blender software installed.

- Smartphone with the RealityScan application installed.

- Account created on