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Grrrreat Market
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First event in Spain where chefs , restaurateurs and producers come together with designers creating unique and unrepeatable synergies.
Ever since man has walked the Earth, from the very first time he needed to eat, design has been linked to food. Design is a factor in everything from rudimentary cooking utensils to the very latest in gadgets. We find it in our home dishes and kitchen utensils and even in the menus, signage, websites and graphic images used by trendy restaurants.

Big Food sets out to underscore the importance of the interplay between food and design (whether this design is graphic, textile, industrial or interior in nature, or related to fashion, packaging, products, services, websites, etc.). It teams up chefs, restaurateurs (from the most traditional to the trendiest) and producers (always showing contemporary, traditional, sustainable, organic and local profiles) with the most renowned creators from the world of design, giving rise to varied, innovative and surprising synergies.

The first food format dealt with will be tapas, but interactions will be shaped by the creativity of pairs teamed up temporarily following an exhaustive selection process. Participants will be drawn from the top players in today’s culinary scene, ranging from Michelin-starred chefs to young cooks who have enjoyed success with pop-up restaurants and/or street food stalls. A chef, for instance, may conjure up an amuse-bouche while the designer creates the milieu in which it is to be enjoyed, designing the ambience, the graphics and – why not? – even the tapas themselves.
  The first edition of the Big Food series will be held at Central de Diseño in Matadero Madrid, and the interactions that arise will be shared with the public at a unique food market where the results of the project can be savoured. Big Food, Grrrreat Market aims to offer consumers wonderful bite-sized dishes created by the over 30 culinary spaces participating in this initiative.
  Eating, however, is only one facet of Big Food: workshops, master classes, lectures, live cooking shows, online content and much more will provide for a complete experience at the premises of Matadero Madrid, a leading cultural centre.
  The organisations behind this idea are DIMAD (Madrid Designers’ Association) and its programme, di_food (which holds exhibitions, courses, presentations and other gastronomy-related events), as well as Open Estudio de Diseño Estratégico.