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Matadero Summer Terrace 2014
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A travelling Cabaret jam session on wheels where all artistic disciplines are welcome.
The Terraza de Verano Matadero public competition brings us Cabaret Rodante on Friday, 29 August.
  Following six annual events at Madrid’s Casa de Campo, Cabaret Flotante continues to grow and transform. The land-based version of this colourful festival and collaborative party swaps the boats and water themes for terrestrial transport.   The desire to continue the party spirit of Cabaret Flotante, and to bring together the largest possible number of artists, drove the Cabaret Flotante group to broaden its horizons. The result: Cabaret Rodante.   It’s basically a TRAVELLING CABARET JAM SESSION where all artistic disciplines are welcome. It supports itself thanks to a band of excellent musicians (the hosts) playing live music and the participation of ALL MUSICIANS IN THE CITY who wish to bring along their instruments and take part in the festival.    TRAVELLING INSTRUCTIONS   You should get here on whatever type of transport you can think of:   ·      SKATEBOARD ·      BICYCLE ·      WHEELCHAIR ·      TRICYCLE ·      RICKSHAW ·      BABY’S PRAM ·      TANDEM ·      MONOCYCLE ·      and everything else…   If you perform any kind of artistic discipline and you want to join us, just turn up on the day, but if you have any questions, please write to:   Raúl Márquez Pía Tedesco     IF YOU’RE A MUSICIAN   Bring your instrument. There’s going to be a jam session and dancing! On our social networks and on the Matadero promotional channels, we will be uploading the musical scores and chords for you to take a look at, so you can play the tunes along with us on the evening of the performance.   IF YOU’RE A DANCER   Bring your dancing shoes!   There’s going to be a swing dance session during the festival.   DRESS CODE   We have already held six annual Cabaret Flotante festivals. If you have taken part before, you will know that each of our festivals has had a “dress code”, which has been one of the most enjoyable aspects of our cabarets. This year the dress code proposes: Come dressed head to toe as a cabaret artist. Options: 1800’s French cabaret English Steampunk cabaret Cuplé cabaret singer “Chulapo” cabaret Pin-up FUTURISTIC CABARET!   (Let your imagination run wild: we want to see your vision of the cabaret outfit of the next century! How would a futuristic cabaret artist dress?)  

Organized by Cabaret Flotante and Mejor Difícil Que Imposible.

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