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Matadero Madrid
Matadero Madrid and Cineteca offer open air cinema in august with 16 international gems still unreleased in Spain.
At last! Matadero Madrid and Cineteca give you a reason to forget the heat and stay in Madrid in August: an open-air cinema screening 16 international cinema gems unreleased in cinema theatres in Spain but successful in other countries and festivals throughout the world.

Thursday, August 2

SO HELP ME GOD (Jean Libon and Yves Hinant, Belgium, 2017, 100')

Festival internacional de cine de San Sebastián 2017. This film is an interesting game between fiction and documentary, that witnesses the daily work routine of prestigious and eccentric Belgian judge Anne Gruwez. First film by Jean Libon and Yves Hinant, co-writers of the cult Belgian series StripTease.

Friday, August 3

THE LAST PAINTING (Cheng Hung-I, Taiwan, 2017, 107')

International Film Festival Rotterdam 2017. An activist student turns into the new partner of a lonely painter. He is awkward and faithless, she is full of hope. In the outside world, Taiwan is about to go on presidential elections. A visually shocking multi-layer thriller on politics, art and murder.

Saturday, August 4
DAPHNE (Peter Mackie Burns, UK, 2017, 90')
International Film Festival Rotterdam 2017 (among others) Young Daphne holds a secret melancholy. She spends her days between her work at a restaurant, dates and casual sex, party nights and her mother´s attempts to mend their broken relationship. After saving the life of a shop keeper in a burglary, her world falls apart and she starts to think about the meaning of her life.

Sunday, August 5

ONCE UPON A TIME IN NOVEMBER (Andrzej Jakimowsky, Poland, 2017, 91')
Film Festival Göteborg 2017 / Film Festival Warsaw 2017. Warsaw, November 2013. Marky and her mother have been evicted from their apartment as a result of the brutal state housing policy. November 11 approaches and with it the independence march organised by Polish nationalists.

Thursday, August 9  
ARRHYTHMIA (Boris Khlebnikov, Russia, 2017, 120')

Film Festival Rotterdam 2018. Oleg works as an ambulance paramedic, he is 30 and committed to his job, but he drinks too much. His wife Katya is nurse at the hospital, in the Emergencies department. We witness both the decline of their relationship and the reforms in Russian health care. 

Friday, August 10.

SELF CRITICISM OF A BOURGEOIS DOG (Julian Radlmaier, Germany, 2017, 90')

Festival de cine europeo de Sevilla 2017 How does a film maker turn into a dog? From a dog´s perspective, Julian (Radlmaier himself) tells the story of how he pretended to be a communist film maker because he could not gather the money to make a film. He went to work at the apple harvest with the actual purpose of hitting on Camille, a young rebel girl from Canada.

Saturday, August 11

SON OF SOFIA (Elina Psykou, Greece, 2017, 111')

Best international film at Film Festival Tribeca 2017. During the olimpic games in Athens 2004, 11 year old Misha arrives in town from Russia to live with his mother, Sofia. While Greece lives the olympic dream, Misha will have to learn to survive in the adult world.

Sunday, August 12

DAYBREAK (Gentian Koçi, Albania, 2017, 85')

Film Festival Sarajevo 2017, Film Festival Stockholm 2017, Film Festival Warsaw 2017 and Film Festival Thessalonica 2017 (among others) Leta is evicted from the home where she lives with her one year old son. She finds a new home with Sophie, an elderly bedridden woman, whose daughter hires Leta as a caretaker. In order to keep a home and her job, Leta has to keep Sophie alive by all means, even when the old lady begs her to end her suffering.

Thursday, August 23

L'INTRUSA (Leonardo Di Constanzo, Italy, 2017, 95')
Festival de cine europeo de Sevilla 2017. The utter integrity of Giovanna, a modern Antigone who runs a community centre in the outskirts of Naples, is at risk with the arrival of an outsider. It is the daughter of a rough mafioso. For Giovanna she is just another girl, but the community rejects her.
Friday, August 24

ME AND EL CHE (Patrice Goutier, France, 2017, 90')

GO is not just an old university professor. He still is the 18 year old idealist who dared to take part in social and political activism to fight for his ideas. In fact, he was one of the last companions of El Che. That was somewhere in Bolivia, 1967. At least that´s what he tells everyone...

Saturday, August 25

REQUIEM FOR MRS. J (Bojan Vuletic, Serbia, 2017, 94')

Festival de cine europeo de Sevilla 2017. Mrs J. wakes up one day with a plan to celebrate the first anniversary of her husband´s death: to commit suicide. The desperate bureaucracy to close all pending subjects and her own family (unaware of her plans) hinder unknowingly all plans to kill herself.
Sunday, August 26

COLO (Teresa Villaverde, Portugal, 2017, 135')

Festival de cine europeo de Sevilla 2017 / International Film Festival Berlin 2017. Strangely enough, a family can stay together for the lack of reationship of its members. The teenager daughter always on the run, skipping class and partying all night, the always absent mother who works double shifts and the father on the dull spending his days under the sun, are the members in this fractured family picture where we see them drift away from eachother scaping from reality.
Thursday, August 30

LERD (A MAN OF INTEGRITY) (Mohammad Rasoulof, Iran, 2017, 120')
Best Film Un Certain Regard, Festival Cannes 2017. Intense drama on corruption and injustice in the best humanistic Iranian cinema tradition. The new film by Rasoulof, arrested in 2010 along with his friend Jafar Pahani, was shot hiding and made its way to Cannes in a USB stick, where it was given one of the main awards.

Friday, August 31

MIRACLE (Egle Vertelyte, Lithuania, 2017, 91')
International Film Festival Toronto 2017. The lives of the owners of a pig farm set in a small Lithuanian village turn upside down when a handsome American pledges to saving the business. When Irena, the owner, falls in love with him, she realises that his intentions might not be completely inocent...

Saturday, September 1

TIEMPO COMPARTIDO (Sebastián Hoffman, Mexico, 2018, 96')

Film Festival Rotterdam 2018 / Film Festival Sundance 2018. Harsh criticism on consumerism and globalisation, this acid black comedy by acclaimed Mexican film director Sebastián Hoffman leads us into the dark world of luxury resorts and property speculation.

Sunday, September 2
SILENT MIST (Zhang Miaoyan, China, 2017, 101')

International Film Festival Rotterdam 2018. Elegant exercise in style with a predominant long take, this film portraits a series of real unresolved rapes that took place in rural China. It is a brilliant analysis of the moral corruption that hits contemporary China.
* The selection of films was made by Jara Fernández Meneses, coordinator at the programming committee of Cineteca.    

Thrusday to Sunday from August 2 to August 12 and from August 23 to September 2.
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