Matadero Madrid center for contemporary creation

CoH meets Abul Mogard + Joakim + Konx-om-Pax + Beatrix Weapons ft Ruido.Frio

September 22

20:30 to 01:00h.


24 €

Central de diseño

Two visionaries of electronic music together live, an AV reflection on nature, modular synthesis and enveloping generative art, and shades of deconstructed IDM and digital frequencies

CoH meets Abul Mogard _IT / RS·SW / Houndstooth
Fabled electronic music visionaries CoH and Abul Mogard form a supranatural alchemy of discrete analogue material and digital energies in their extraordinary debut for Houndstooth. Stemming from a chance meeting at festival in 2019, the first collaboration of Russian musician, sound artist and engineer Ivan Pavlov (CoH), deeply respected for intensely curious original solo work and in SoiSong with Psychic TV/Coil’s Peter Christophersen, and Italian artist Guido Zen (Abul Mogard), pioneer of late 90s electronica, focusses stunning new perspectives on the artist’s respective, fiercely singular and widely adored bodies of work.


Joakim Second Nature _FR / Tigersushi
Second Nature is a project about our relationship with nature. How do we perceive and represent it in the Western world? Why did it detach from us and from culture? How can we create a new relationship with it in this era of major environmental challenges? It took Parisian artist Joakim five years to complete this album, mainly due to the extensive compilation of all the field recordings that inhabit this enveloping work of fauna and flora, in which he also returns to his roots of IDM, classical music, avant-garde pop and ambient. A psychedelic journey in a modern Noah's ark where a 3D soundscape, multiple videos, smells, and a vegetal set up blend together, blurring the line between the natural and the artificial.


Konx-om-Pax presents System Works AV _UK / Display Copy, Planet Mu
Glasgow multimedia artist Konx-Om-pax has been publishing since 2010 on his label Display Copy, through which he has released multiple EPs and three albums, including Caramel (2016), which was shortlisted for Scottish Album of the Year 2017. In the context of the pandemic, he became interested in and researched the processes of modular synthesis and generative art, developing systems for merging music and visual art that have become crucial to his work in recent years. At L.E.V. Matadero he will present the latest itineration of his project System Works AV, especially aimed at those who appreciate fully immersive experiences. A unique combination of his creative skills that will please your eyes and ears in equal measure.


Beatrix Weapons ft Ruido.Frio ASCENT _ES
Beatrix Weapons has become one of the sharpest names on the avant-garde music circuit in Spain. Experimental music producer, thinker and visual artist, her sound universe is immersed in deconstructed IDM and digital frequencies with the intention of building textures through her sets. She has made her mark on reputable international labels such as Infinito Audio, Promesses and most recently on the Berlin based Soul Feeder. A multidisciplinary and disruptive project that seeks a celestial vision through the distortion of darkness, that arrives at L.E.V. Matadero as an audiovisual performance with the collaboration of the 3d artist ruido.frio.

Beatrix Weapons