Matadero Madrid center for contemporary creation


UCM, Horacio Fernández and Vicente Todolí
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Matadero Madrid
Nave 16
A public presentation of the projects made by senior-year students of Fine Arts at UCM for El Ranchito at Matadero Madrid.
The senior-year students of Fine Arts at UCM will make a public presentation of their projects for El Ranchito at Matadero Madrid.  The exhibition can be seen at Matadero June 22- 29. On the last day, Wednesday, June 29, a discussion will be held and the final selection for the students' work will be presided by Vicente Todolí (the well-known former director of the Tate Modern) as a judge. Participating in the discussion will be Todolí, Horacio Fernández and Selina Blasco, with current art as the focus, followed by the announcement of the students' work that has been selected.

Wednesday, June 29, 7pm
Luis Echanove bajo licencia Creative Commons