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See How Weariness Breaks Down Rational Thought
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SISMO FESTIVAL. The second piece in El Cuadrilátero at SISMO.  The truth about the world comes out after a night without sleep.
"One day I found out that the truth about the world comes out after a night without sleep.  Then i spent a whole year awake, trying to learn all I could.  Today it's been exactly one year since I decided never to sleep again.  After all this time I see an austere landscape, almost a state without corruption, that is slowly falling apart for lack of intellectual stimulation".   This piece was designed for the SISMO Festival, which has provided us with a quadrilateral, like a boxing ring, measuring 10 x 10 meters, where the audience can watch from all four sides, as a means of assembly.  Gathering occuring around something for a certain amount of time suggests mainly the idea of celebration; this has guided us towards some specific performace methods: some elements typical of festivals that appear here accidentally and therefore, rhythmically, therefore insistent and present.
  In addition the experience of the divertissement brings with it a singular experience of time, which consists of knowing how to slow down, use up an unquantifiable moment, and devour an instant in time. Rational thought also possesses a temporal device and an exclusive voracity that exist outside of the rules of daily life.  And thus we begin to generate drama.   El Conde de Torrefiel.  Discretion, Vulgarity and Entertainment: they began to appear between 2007 and 2010 in different spaces, such as La Sala Inestable and La Sala Matilde Salvador in Valencia, the ACT festival in Bilbao and the Teatro Pradillo in Madrid.  These offerings make up a trilogy that premiered in November 2010 at the Antic Teatre in Barcelona, under the title, La historia del rey vencido por el aburrimiento (The Story of the King Beaten by Boredom).  In 2011 the dance association La Porta in Barcelona commissioned a video for its IV edition of the Ciclo Sobrenatural (Supernatural Series).  The video, titled Morir Nunca (Never Die) is screened at the festival LP ’11 in Barcelona and at the Festival de Arte Hormonado in Bilbao. The fifth meeting at Magalia, organized by the Red de Teatros Alternativos, saw the birth of Escenas para una conversación después del visionado de una película de Michael Haneke (Scenes for a Conversation After Viewing a film by Michael Haneke), which will be presented in Valencia in November 2011.  See How Weariness Breaks Down Rational Thought is the group's newest project.  In tandem with El Conde de Torrefiel, Pablo Gisbert and Tanya Beyeler are members of the artistic team of La Veronal dance company, whose latest creation, Rússia, premiered in the Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona in February 2011.
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El Conde de Torrefiel, Observen cómo el cansancio derrota al pensamiento
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El Conde de Torrefiel
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