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The latest installment of the El Ranchito / AECID residency. Matadero Madrid / Pivô (Sao Paulo).
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El Ranchito. Matadero Madrid's residency programme - AECID (guest nation, Brazil) has the specific objective of creating ties between the artistic communities of Brazil and Spain through a dialogue between the two arts centres and the residents: Matadero Madrid and Pivô. Both institutions are looking for projects that reflect on the links between art and the urban from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Deadline for submissions:
14 April 2014

Description: The grant application must be completed properly and entirely in Spanish using the corresponding electronic form at

Only those applicants that are selected for interview must submit the documentation refered to in the Seventh Stage of this call however they must do so within 10 days from recieving communication that you have been shortlisted for interview. This must also be a part of a more detailed proposal consisting of up to 10 pages which can include images or photographs of the proposed project. This can also include other supporting information (catalogs, sheet music, pictures...) as well as what is requested as part of the application form.

Duration: Two residencies: the first in Sao Paulo (1 July to 9 August 2014) and the second (6 October to 16 November 2014) in Madrid.

Specific Requirements: You must be a Spanish citizen or be from a nation in the EU residing in Spain in accordance with the requirements expressed in the Second Base. No specific education

Bursary and Support:
A bursary of €4, 950 will be provided for each of the residencies, the first in Sao Paulo the second in Madrid. A payment will be paid for each stay. Medical insurance will be provided in accordance with the eighth base of this open call.

Terms of the Grant and Application Information (In Spanish)

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