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On Thursday 15th December at 19:00, Matadero Madrid opens a public presentation of the investigatory results of El Ranchito. El Ranchito is a cultural research project that has been developed over the course of several months; involving 34 local and international artists and collectives, as well as large number of city institutions and art associations. You can see here the latest productions of the artists André Komatsu, Husos, Enrique Radigales, Gulliermo Mora, Gabriela & Sally Gutiérrez Dewar, Todo por la praxis, Zira02 and Zoohaus. In addition Puctum / BiNeural-Monokultur present at 20:00 Conectados, a documentary theatrical piece that explores the relationship five inmigrants hold with their countries via Internet.

However, El Ranchito is not used as an attempt to showcase the work of these artists in an exhibition format, but rather to make visible the working process between artist, curator, institutions and the social environment. As a result of this, El Ranchito's presentation, situated in Nave 16 in Matadero Madrid until April 22nd , is far removed from that of the museum or gallery. The space is presented as an expanded archive, which houses a library, documentation and workspaces where you can look up for projects from Antonio Yemail, Begoña Morales, Carolina Caycedo, Colectivo Situaciones, Cristina Busto, Cristina Llanos, Critical Practice, Franco Ingrassia, Jerónimo Hagerman, Miquel García con Pensart and Paloma Calle. Besides that, you can also check out the works of Anto Rbzas, Camille C. Hanson, Debajo del sombrero, Edurne Herrán, Elena Jiménez, Javier Chozas, José Marín, Paulina Chamorro and Toxic Lesbian, that have been developed in the workspaces of El Ranchito. Artist groups also continue to develop projects within these places.

El Ranchito is a collective project led by a interdisciplinary team in which many cultural agents of the city have collaborated. Over the coming months we will also host workshops, talks and other activities.
It is in short a living and constantly changing space. As an environment in which to ask questions, and where possible develop personalised answers. Therefore we are counting on you to get involved.

Please consult El Ranchito's blog for further information on the process.

Once again the event will take place Thursday 15th at 19:00