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A Multiple Arts Fair, 20th Anniversary Edition
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11am- 9pm
Entrance fee: 8€ Catalogue: 12€ Entrance + Catalogue: 14€
Matadero Madrid
At twenty years of age Estampa is still advocating market stimulation, with new sections and agreements with institutions, collectors, researchers, different sectors of the population and the media.
At twenty years of age Estampa is still advocating market stimulation, with new sections and agreements with institutions, collectors, researchers, different sectors of the population and the media.  This year the festival benefits from the participation of Matadero Madrid, together gauging the social repercussion of contemporary art and art collection in this day and age.   Attracting a new kind of public and young collectors, the fair's interests still involve working towards an extension of the concept of multiple arts beyond conventional editions, including media, concepts, processes and disciplines- photography, video, books, comics, graphic art, sound and design.  The participación of different professional and social sectors at the fair is intended to create a market forum for debate about findings in contemporary art and its collection, in a broader sense.   José Manuel Ballester is this year's special guest, and the man behind the fair's artwork, created using an incredible photograph taken in 2010 at the Ópera Garnier in Paris.  In the picture, this recipient of the Premio Nacional 2010 in photography does a study of the structures of light and space, brought together in that place where literature, music and performance converge, on one of the most important stages in the world.   This year photography has center stage at Estampa Arte Múltiple 2012 , with many artists dedicated to photography participating in the fair and a project curated by critic and writer Sema D'Acosta, who gauges the quality of today's photography in Spain.   ¡Se mueve!/It's moving!   Under this title we are inaugurating a section devoted to showcasing the latest in video animation in Spain.  Curated by Gonzalo Cordero and with the participation of Museo ABC of Drawing and Illustration and Canal + Xtra, who are providing programming and special editions, we present this project highlighting the best Spanish galleries featuring artists working in this medium.   International Video at the Cineteca at Matadero Madrid Additionally, as part of the fair's VIP program, curator Angie Bonino brings together 12 of the best international video art collections in one showing with the title Transitopías, joined by the DAROS collection (Zurich- Switzerland), Colección Teresa Sapey (Madrid- Spain), Amister de Sisita Soldevila (Barcelona- Spain), Colección Alicica Aza (Madrid- Spain), Ernesto Ventos's Colección Olor Visual (Barcelona- Spain), Colección Estefanía Meana (Madrid- Spain), Celia Birbraguer's ART NEXUS (USA, Miami- Colombia, Bogotá), Tom Van Vliet's World Wide Video collection (Amsterdam - Holland), Homesessions (Paris- France) and Jaime Sordo's Colección Los Bragales (Cantabria- Spain), and more.   Sound In at the Nave de Música After the success of last year's event, Sound In brings back a space devoted to the world of sound art and experimental music, under the guidance of Miguel Álvarez-Fernández, curator, sound artist and the director of Ars Sonora on Radio Clásica at RNE [National Spanish Radio], who, with Anne-Françoise Raskin, offer us a close-up look at editors and distributors of art featuring sound in Spain, all together in the Nave de Música at Matadero Madrid, with the participation of Red Bull.    Estampa Design Partners at the Central de Diseño A special section begun last year as a space devoted to showing work by the best design studios in Spain, Estampa Design Partners keeps on improving, with the curatorship of Jacobo Pérez-Enciso and Marta Salas, specialists in this field of work so close in so many ways to contemporary art and its production in limited editions.  This year, thanks to the collaboration with DIMAD, the Designers' Association of Madrid, the stands set up will be located in the Central de Diseño, the designers' space at Matadero.   Book In Our section featuring artist books, Book In, has been rethought to allow some fresh air in: illustrators, the world of comics, the book-object, visual poetry, artist magazines, textual experimentation, and all the creativity invested in the classic reading format, written with images, space and ideas, in a feature with work selected and curated by Carolina Diaz Collado.   Print Shop Edition  is a new section in the fair designed to display, in a coherent and orderly fashion, the latest offerings by editors and more traditional graphic workshops.  In this space new paths in experimental prtinting and the contemporary printing tradition walk hand-in-hand, side-by-side.  
Plus VIP Programs for collectors and professionals, activities for kids, collectors and conservation forums by Arte Múltiple, book presentations, concerts, parties and more activities to be announced on our social networking sites and on our website.

José Manuel Ballester