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By Alistair Beaton
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Tuesday-Saturday, 8:30pm. Sundays, 7:30pm.
18€. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday: 25% discount.
Naves Matadero
Sala 2
An elusive play by Alistair Beaton that refuses to be easily categorized.  It exudes humor and theatricality in large doses while straddling a complex and engaging theme: the relationship that man has with power.
Feelgood, by Alistair Beaton, is an elusive play that refuses to be easily categorized.  It exudes humor and theatricality in large doses while stradding complex and engaging themes.  In Feelgood there is no generational conflict, no family trouble, no day-to-day, but the situations and characters we see are perfectly recognizable, because Feelgood appeals to man's rawest and deepest reality: the relationship that man has with power.   Feelgood took the Evening Standard award for Best Comedy in 2001 and, since then, has successfully debuted in United States, Canada, Germany, Denmark, Austria, Portugal, Slovenia, Estonia, Finland, and Hungary.  Its author, Alistair Beaton, born in Glasgow, has lived out his professional life in theater, radio, and television.  He's written several plays that were succesful in London, such as King of Heart and Follow My Leader, in addition to working as a translator and adapting foreign-language texts to English.  It is also worth noting that his voice is one easily recognized from BBC Radio.   At Teatro Español in 2010, during the production of All My Sons, Alberto Castrillo-Ferrer met Fran Perea, Manuela Velasco, Jorge Bosch and Ainhoa Santamaría.  Since then they have persevered on this project that has now been made a reality, where Alberto directs his former colleagues, who are joined by Javier Márquez and Jorge Usón.

This is a co-production by Teatro Español and El próximo cruce S.L.
Artistic team and specifications
Alberto Castrillo-Ferrer
The blue stage family
Marie-Laure Bénard
Uxua Castelló
Assistant Director
Amanda Recacha
Executive Production