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Fran Perea

1st Festival of Music performed by actors and actresses



Naves del Español en Matadero

In his concerts, Fran Perea revisits some of the big hits from his albums 'La Chica de la Habitación de al Lado' (The Girl Next Door) and ?Punto y Aparte? (Full Stop, New Paragraph), some in new versions that bring them closer to his true style, as well as songs from 'Viejos Conocidos? (Old Acquaintances) (2010) and 'Viaja la Palabra? (The Word Travels).

In addition, he adds images to his show in a spatial way with the illustrations that cartoonist Marcus Carus creates live.

And the fact is that Fran Perea feels like a fish out of water when music is not part of his life. After several years away from the stage in his role as a singer-songwriter following the release of what was his first genuinely personal album in 2010, in 2018, overwhelmed by the evidence that music lives within him, Fran Perea published 'Viaja la Palabra', which was produced by Alfonso Samos.