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American Portraits
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This film shows the life and work of American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, telling the story of the very greatest of American architects.
This film shows the life and work of American architect Frank Lloyd Wright, telling the story of the very greatest of American architects. Wright was a true genius, a man who believed it was his destiny to redesign the world, recreating everything from scratch. Over the course of his lengthy career he designed more than eight hundred buildings, including structures as revolutionary as the Guggenheim Museum, the Johnson Wax Headquarters, Fallingwater, Unity Temple and Taliesin. His buildings and ideas changed the way we experience, work in and view the world around us. 
  The architectural achievements of Frank Lloyd Wright were often eclipsed by the turbulence of his melodramatic life. In ninety-two tempestuous years he fathered seven children and married three times, and was constantly embroiled in scandals. Some hated him, some loved him. In the end, however, few can deny that he was one of the most important architects in the world.
  Seagram's Gin invites you to discover the American Portraits project, which takes a look back at the lives and work of some of the most influential personalities in 1950s America. Looking closely at the lives and work of these people forces us to rethink the way in which we view the world, and understand why the world and the cities we live in are the way they are and the objects around us designed as they are.
  The applications of this legacy are vast and incalculable. The 1950s was a decade of crisis and post-crisis which led to the redesign of many of the existing economic and social relationship models. This revised outlook led to the emergence of the consumer society and leisure culture. The artistic, economic, human, industrial, social and business dimensions were perhaps never so united.
  Today, as in the 50s, we are living in the midst of a continual process of redefinition of many of society's spheres. To find sources of inspiration we must cast our gaze back in time. Our origins and creativity have always been the drivers of change. The visionary talents of these people can therefore guide us as we reinvent ourselves.
  The programme features four documentaries detailing the work of some of the iconic personalities of this era that best represent the spirit of "American Originality". 

* The American Portraits programme will close with an interesting gathering in the Cantina café-restaurant on Monday 29 September at 8pm, featuring the participation of designer Oscar Mariné and journalist Diego Manrique, as well as architect Juli Capella and design historian Raquel Pelta. Free entry.
Artistic team and specifications
Ken Burns, Lynn Novick
English with spanish subtitles
United States