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Fráxil. Handle with care

by Ana Vallés
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Tuesday to Sunday / 7.30pm

Naves del Español. Sala Max Aub (Nave 10)


El diablo en la playa (2020) focused on the struggle against chaos and our efforts to explain intelligible causes and expected effects. The powerful fragility of bodies on a beach as a metaphor for non-place.

INLOCA (2022) ) stemmed from the decision to enter into places, to pass through a door, to tear apart the umbrella that protects us from chaos. Assuming our condition as Europeans, what we are, that mixture of pathos and greatness.

FRÁXIL, handle with care

In FRÁXIL... I intend to present a twisted, obliquely illuminated knowledge. In this way of thinking with the guts that characterises us, I intend to acknowledge “what cannot be said and can only be shown without the need to ask ourselves if something is true or if it has really happened”.

Just as we dream of places, we can also fantasise about desired encounters that could have happened and build on uchronic narratives.

“My fragility is my strength. My doubts too. My silence, of course. Wasn’t it Wittgenstein who said 'Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent'?”

This trilogy is intended as a tribute to fragility.

Ana Vallés

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