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The French Dispatch (f the Liberty, Kansas, Evening Sun)

Wes Anderson
17 October 2021



3,5 €

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Cineteca Madrid. Sala Azcona

In collaboration with Cineteca Madrid (Film Archive) and Searchlight Pictures, Capítulo Uno presents an exclusive projection of The French Dispatch of the Liberty, Kansas Evening Sun, the latest film by the most literary director of all time: Wes Anderson, reader, rescuer of books, creator of his very own fraternity of authors…

The film tells the story of the last days of an iconic American magazine, told from the perspective of Bill Murray, who plays editor Arthur Howitzer Jr., a character inspired by Harold Ross, the founding editor of The New Yorker, who has to lead a group of journalists who live and work in an imaginary 20th century French city. In its pages, the Dispatch deals with issues related to the world of politics, the arts, both high and low, as well as human interest stories. A film that is a new incursion into Anderson’s own particular universe, which is as eccentric as it is seductive and as amusing as it is sharp in its portrayal of characters who are always, shall we say, strange. The value of narration and the power of the written word are perfectly illustrated in this film.

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