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Matadero Madrid
Naves del Español - Cineteca - Casa del Lector - Nave 16 - Intermediae - El Taller - Nave de Música - Plaza Matadero
Fringe Madrid, that most risqué performing arts and music festival, is back in search of alternatives and the never before seen, with a program featuring theater, music, performances, and much more.
Fringe Madrid is the most risqué performing arts and music festival.  We search for what is on the fringe, what is up-and-coming, what is alternative, what has never been seen before.

The Fringe festival as we know it today was begun in 1947 in the city of Edinburgh, Scotland, when all the acts rejected by the official festival (the Edinburgh International Festival) decided to put something together on their own.  And a new concept was born.  Since then, and following the same philosophy, Fringe festivals have appeared all across the globe…  And last summer it came to Madrid.   The first edition of Fringe Madrid took place in July and August 2012 within the facilities of the Conde Duque Cultural Center, and it was a critical and popular success.  This year the festival has changed its name and its location: it's called Fringe13 and it will be held within the facilities of Matadero Madrid from July 5 to 27.
  At Fringe13 there will be theater, music, performance art, dance, poetry, activities for children, workshops, monologues, y audiovisual presentations, in addition to activities being held in alternative spaces.  Each one of us has helped put it together, using the 490 projects we received from across the globe (and from every corner of Spain).
  This year we are especially interested in the projects specifically made for the wonderful spaces at Matadero: a few corners, side streets, and rooftops not normallly used as a stage and the more conventional rooms.   Check out all the details