Matadero Madrid center for contemporary creation


by José Maldonado
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Thursday to Sunday / 7:30pm

Naves del Español en Matadero

Galería is defined as a contemporary and multidisciplinary show in which three languages are combined: dance, which uses flamenco as an initial axis; plastic art, through an exhibition of pictorial work and the live creation of a new work; and audiovisual language, with an interactive piece that unites the three languages.

The intention of this production is to introduce the spectator to the unconventional yet welcoming visual and sound atmosphere in which the different choreographies take place, in what is a risky and versatile mise-en-scène.

José Maldonado presents four solo scenes that pay tribute to art and culture and to four famous Spanish artists. Falla, Lorca, Dalí and Carmen Amaya serve as inspiration to Maldonado in the creation of this wonderful cultural journey. Galería is a unique, exclusive, dynamic and exquisite space in which to contemplate the dance and the explosive and elegant work of this artist. With Maldonado acting as a point of connection between these figures and the audience, everything will begin with an unpredictable and ephemeral first stop.

This work shows Maldonado in all his splendour. It reveals the delicate and meticulous way in which he works and also the strength of his interpretation and the power of his aesthetics. Maldonado is art in its purest form. Come and see his Galería!