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GENERATION WHY (Platform Project)

Teatro En Vilo
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Naves del Español en Matadero

Three actresses from Spain, the United Kingdom and Italy face a simple but controversial question on stage: What do you want for your future? A game of imagining possible - or impossible futures - turns into an invocation or an exorcism, a kind of contemporary ritual in which the hopes, ambitions and fears of a generation overwhelmed by the extent of its dreams and expectations, are laid bare.

After ?Interrupted?, in this their second show, Teatro En Vilo return to gestural comedy, corporal poetics, the humour of the absurd and self-reference, to explore the mystery of the times we have left to live.

First Prize and Audience Award at the Present-Future Festival in Palermo.

Acknowledgements: Lise Belperron, Thibaut Garçon, Kumar Muniandy, Inda Pereda, Nicolás Perruchon.