Matadero Madrid center for contemporary creation

by Baro d'evel
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Wednesday to Saturday / 7pm
Naves del Español en Matadero

What is left when everything has been eliminated? Without a doubt, the white remains. And whatever we will still have to shatter to reach the lowest common denominator. To that which, obstinately, continues to talk to us of , from . No matter what it costs. No matter what gets away. As much for the enchantment and the journey, as for the joy.

In the beginning, the gesture would be reduced to the essential: two bodies, two genders, two colours, two dimensions, two kingdoms, the same solitude, the same tenacious desire that continues and starts all over again. The same deep desire to let oneself be transformed by the other, to be displaced by the other. As if everything would only exist if it were disturbed or pierced. There would be two humans and a crow embarking on a curious, sensitive and poetic dance with each other, where each body leaves its mark, where each story is written.

Part one of a diptych, is a prologue, a raw, naked gesture that circulates between bodies and voices, between rhythms and portés, between fall and impulse. In it, nothing is fixed, nothing is installed, everything is precipitated. This first work, a forerunner of Falaise, presents this language without words or pauses that unfolds beneath our lives. It turns the interior space inside out ike a glove and invites us to observe ourselves on the shifting surface of our gestures. Zooming into the present of the here and now, Là revisits the ignored gestures, the impulsive gestures, those of the tremor, those of the spasm or the scream, those of life in any way, those of life at any price.

Barbara Métais-Chastanier