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Books without bookshops, without publishers, without fear
Septiembre 2014
Matadero Madrid
The entrance hall of Paseo de la Chopera 14

This second session of LA ARREBATADORA, with a new collection of 10 authors who self-publish in order to reach their readers without any go-betweens.

Their autobiography travels along the motorways in cars and coaches of emotion. Their self-taught self-determination leads them to self-creation and, from there, to self-publishing. Self-propelling independently to their self-sufficient destiny as authors.   La Arrebatadora presents a collection of 10 authors who self-publish in order to reach their readers without any go-betweens. The mechanics of this culture vending machine that has given life to La Arrebatadora were designed by Javier de la Rosa.   The inauguration of this second session of LA ARREBATADORA will be on Friday, 21 February, at 8.30pm with performances by the poet, Batania, and the group, Autoplacer/ Sindicalistas - both in the Hall at the Matadero.

Batania will present his latest self-published book 'El amor es un ave sin nido que pone huevos en el aire' (Love is a bird without a nest that lays eggs in the air). His direct style creates.

The collective Autoplacer/Sindicalistas present their se Autoplacer Maquinaria: a selection of hits submerged in, and amplified with, various various sound manipulation devices such as ossilators and effects pads.


Cool Food
Pablo Lacruz

Cool Food is a personal project of Pablo Lacuz that after four years of work is ready to see the light of day, edited alongside Libros de Auoengaño in a limited edition and a run of 500. It is printed an accordianstyle of 18 pages, laminated and with a cover. It comes with a sticker.

Cada pulpo con su pulpo (Each Octopus with Its Pulp)

"...each cat with its cat. In each fold, animals appear from this spiral bound book, creating a dizzying and esquisite work."

Yo, El libro de tu vida (I, The Book of Your Life)
María Isabel Sánchez Vergara

I am a unique book. A book that in reality is many books to many people. A book that never knows how to
begin nor how it will end because it is not all written. This is a book with asks you 100 questionsthat only you can respond to. The first edition with a run of 1000 that was self-published and this time it has been published with the support of Alba.

Soy un esqueje (I Am a Cutting)
Gadea Quintana/Clara Graziolino
'I Am Cutting' is a book-object full of texts and textures mixed together: poetry, fotography and drawings. Esqueje, of the Latin Schidiae: a short fragment, cut, seperated from a plant, that which is grafted from a plant to form new roots. Of the Greek σχίδιον: sliver, an irregular fragment that comes from the main material or that is split from it. "I love you as a splinter that cannot be removed with tweezers" (C. Lispector)

Los Modlin
Paco Gómez

According to Paco Gómez, author of the book: 'Los Modlin relates to the process of investigation, and the unusual approach, of the relationship between text and photography with images running parallel with the text. The photographs appear scattered throughout the book so the entire publication is printed in colour. The reason for self publication is that I consider this a personal and experimental work that must be free of editorial interests and styles.'

Aitor Castells y Pablo Mendoza

This is a book of aphorisms, written to be read on both sides. An selfpublication from Menorca, the authors define "p(r)ensamientos is unique and was born with the simple task to entertain in its task to p(r)ensar (to think). Any other achivement must be considered coincidence.

Volverán las naranjas (They Will Return The Oranges)
Xisela López

This book was self-published in 2010 by a pair of authors in collaboration with Arrebato. Since then, they have arrived at Espasa and a second edition has been created that caught the attention of the media and the public. In the Arrebatadora the will be the final 20 examples of this first edition for sale.

Sebastián Fiorilli

Poetry in a tin. 300 of this edition has been produced in tins with unpublished texts of the authors enshrined within, like Girondo or Pizarnik.    

Opening, 21 February at 8.30pm