Matadero Madrid center for contemporary creation

La melancolía del turista

by Oligor y Microscopía
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Tuesday to Sunday / 5pm


Naves del Español en Matadero

La Melancolía del Turista is a decomposition of instants and objects through

which the idea of a paradise is fixed in the imagination. It stems from fieldwork in a number of holiday resorts from which traces were recovered that speak of the rise and fall of this mental fantasy. How many seconds does it take to build and tear down a paradise?

La Melancolía del Turista is a gallery of mirages of what remains behind the intensity of a sublimated landscape that no longer exists or that never existed, of a body that fades in time and that only comes to life through the residues of memory. It is therefore a questioning of the life of the images that are produced in our idea of rest. But melancholy is also a suspensive state of mind that accompanies the exception, an active force that leads us towards the desire to reinvent and to reinvent ourselves in those lapses in which the inertia of things is fractured.

Welcome to what is an intimate journey for 42 spectators. A small stage on the scale of things that appear and disappear through blinking: lights and shadows, analogue images, fragile mechanisms, miniatures made of paper and tin. A delicate "little theatre-cinema", a game of daydreams, whose poetic inventiveness transports you back to the moment when all our toys were alive...