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based on 'King Lear' by W. Shakespeare
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Tuesday to Saturday / 8:30pm
Sunday / 7:30pm


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Inspired by the old story of the mad king who abdicates in favour of his two fawning daughters and expels the only daughter who truly loves him, the play introduces us to an old man whose intention is to live out his last years in carefree abandon. His eldest daughter, however, is unwilling to continue tolerating his excesses and throws him out into the street in the middle of a storm.

The poor old man then notices the misery and chaos that he himself has caused and attempts to regain control of his assets and himself. The play progresses with moments of intimacy and subtlety, breaking up the logical story line and mixing memories, fantasy and reality in a whirlwind of time and emotion that will take us inside Shakespearean poetics and the territory of senile dementia.