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The Lieutenant’s Dog (El perro del teniente)

by Josep M. Benet i Jornet
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Tuesdays to Sundays / 7:30pm


Naves del Español. Sala Max Aub (Nave 10)

A brothel. A place where bodies are bought, where souls are sold, where onlookers watch with detached complicity as pleasure is traded for money.

Rather like a theatre.

Nameless characters who are “nobodies” all over the world. A story that repeats itself day after day in countless corners of the planet, always with a common denominator: the misery that forces one party to be the protagonist and the abuse of economic and military power and status that makes other parties the protagonists.

Rather like an animal shelter.

A place of confinement, of violence, of subjugation, where people give free rein to their instincts as if they were animals, like dogs fighting for survival without a master, without a hand to feed them, without a lead to tether them. Dogs that hate their servile condition and are willing to do anything to erase that stigma from their character.

Rather like the world.

A world that stands up for dignity and humanity, that rejects violence and the abuse of power, and that gives human beings the divine providence to invent and tell stories in order to be better.

A small boat in which to set out on the sea of storytelling in order to survive and safeguard our memory.

Pilar Valenciano

Recommended age: Recommended for people aged 16 and over

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