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El Taller
An exhibition about Madrid Abierto, an artistic intervention program that seeks to liven up public spaces using art to reflect upon our environment.

In honour of the installation of the public archive Madrid Abierto at Matadero Madrid- viewable by appointment only- this exhibition has been organized to display the work of the archive in its different editions since 2004. The exhibition includes the recording of a conversation between the artists Isidoro Valcárcel Medina and Santiago Sierra with the director of Madrid Abierto, Jorge Díez.  In addition, the exhibition features La muerte de Videoman by Fernando Llanos and Turismo raro by Iñaki Larrimbe and the collective Unofficial Tourism.
Madrid Abierto is an artistic intervention program that seeks to liven up public spaces using contemporary art to reflect upon our political, social and cultural environment.


January 12th, 4 pm. Opening

February 9th, 7 pm.
Fernando Llanos, The death of a Videoman.

February 9th, 8 pm.
Play the conversation of Isidoro Valcárcel and Santiago Sierra with Jorge Díez, director of Madrid Abierto.

February 10th, 7 pm.
Iñaki Larrimbe and the Unofficial Tourism  group, Weird Tourism.

February 10th, 8 pm.
Democracia + Susanne Bosch. Useful art?

February 11th, 7 pm.
Aitor Menéndez + Raquel Peralta, Around the chart for Madrid Abierto.

February 19th, 10 pm. Closing.

Organizer: Asociación Cultural Madrid Abierto.
Collaborators: Matadero Madrid, Ayuntamiento de Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid, Ministerio de Cultura, Fundación Telefónica, Casa de América and Dimad.

> Make a reservation writing to: or calling 915171233.


Opening: January 12 at 7pm.