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There will be scheduled activities in this space through mid-September. 
Matadero Madrid and Mahou Cinco Estrellas open Matadero Terrace for the season  Architect Andrés Jaque is this year's guest, hosting the Terrace's opening with his creation, built over a movable structure and based on sprinkler systems.  Its features include projection screens, a sound system, a "speaker’s corner", sprinklers, and an observatory space for stargazers.

The Terrace opens the 28th at 9pm with Summer Is Coming, a celebration of the arrival of summer. Put on your Bermuda shorts, flipflops and sunglasses- even a bathing suit if you dare!- and enjoy El misterioso grupo sin canciones propias, the psychedelic pulp of Abigail y la cosa del pantano, and the exquisite creations of Wild honey.  The night will end with a set by Summer Songs for Summertimes DJ.

There will be scheduled activities in this space through mid-September.  Also, city-dwellers can reserve a time slot and space and put on their own show for an audience at the Terrace. To do so, you just have to send an e-mail to:

5 July
Self-production in the shade.
Ultraradio Ediciones + Puño+ Gran Derby Records + The Secret Society
Ultrarradio Ediciones and Gran Derby Records each look back at their careers and adventures, from their beginnings with fanzines and demo tapes all the way up to becoming a Madrid cultural establishment.
There will be a vending booth with both groups' products, and the finishing touch to the evening will be come by way of a performance by The Secret Society, one of Gran Derby Records's gems.

12 July
What Cuplé sounds like
De la Puríssima + Hortera &Casete
The musical performance group De laPuríssima, with its indefatigable exaltation of the harmonic evolution of the "Género Ínfimo", demands we take a closer look and prepare ourselves to be thrilled.  Julia de Castro gives us a verbal breakdown of the birth and evolution of the "cuplé" as she dresses and puts on her face.  Afterwards, she will begin the concert with her quartette, performing cuplés of yesteryear and today.  A set by the "castizos" DJs, Madrid's own Hortera & Cassette, will be the evening's closing act.

19 July
Making noise: Belgotronics
Born! Music + Hoquets
Born! Music presents Hoquets, the band behind “Belgotronics”, where found objects are used as material to make instruments and play fun songs breaching the divide between funk, pop and the bizarre.  The trio will begin with a workshop-presentation unveiling its methodology for this generation of recycled material-cum-instruments.  Bring any pieces of wood or metal cans you have lying around! After witnessing their fascinating working proces, we can see a hilarious live performace by the band.

26 July
SICHA (Secuenciador con Interfaz Cárnico Humano Asistido) [Human Flesh Assisted Interface Sequencer]
Espada ysantacruz Studio
SICHA is an electronic music sequencer generated by sixteen players (human flesh) and their location throughout the space at Matadero Terrace.  A web cam connected to the system recognizes
in real time the position of the “pieces of flesh” and the synthesizer produces the resulting music in real time.  a collective musical game, the act begins with a piece composed by the Espadaysantacruz Studio team, which will select several volunteer audience members to be the "pieces of flesh".  Once this introductory musical piece has finished, the MC will hand the mic over to another volunteer audience member, who can then create his/her own musical composition.  After seveal compositions have been made, there will be voting and a prize for the winner(s).  Things will wrap up with a presentation/run-down of the work involved in this creation.

2 August
Starry night
12 O'Clock Shadow
Our hearing gets sharper in the dark, allowing us to perceive sounds that normally go unnoticed
behind ambient noise.  Together under the night sky, we'll look at the stars and be rocked gently as if in a cradle by the sounds of 12 o’clock Shadow.  We'll be submerged in active listening, with field recordings and music clips, brought together in a live multi-speaker spatialized sound installation.

9 August
A gymkhana for the frustrated
David Crespo
Photographer and performer David Crespo gives us a playing field designed for futile acts, where the artist will act as referee. After briefly explainging his work and the rules of the game in question, participants can experience a sort of non-competition, where their limits are put to the test and where they can experiment with merriment and silliness.  At the end of the night, participants will receive non-diplomas and audiovisual entertainment.

16 August
Claremi + DJ TBA
After her experience working on the Bailes Apretaos for “La Flor de Lavapiés” (CSA Tabacalera), Claremi invites the young and the old alike to an intergenerational "castizo" dance, with a chotis concert (really!) and the typical small town verbena decoration.  As the night goes on, both Latin and electronic rhythms heighten the intensity of the dance and make sure the youthful spirit of the event never fades.

23 August
Grabaciones y conspiraciones [Recording and plotting]
Pau ken + Fe Reega + Raisa + Pablo und Destru ktion
The fledgling label called Pauken (Grabaciones y conspiraciones) gives us a glimpse at their career path and adventures as exponents of freak folk on Spanish soil.  Audiences can enjoy three concerts by three of the label's offerings: the sharp-tongued crooner from Berlin known as Fee Reega, the voluptuous tunes of Raisa and the psychedelic concoction from Asturias diced up by Pablo und Destruktion.

30 August
Roberto Vidal + Löpez + Luján Marcos + Palo Alto + Antonio Morales
A seminal curator and smooth talker, Roberto Vidal offers up an event that creates dialogue between music videos and film, connecting the two through evocative scenes from well-known movies and videos.  Treated as a three hour-long audiovisual piece, multiple projections create a framework in which other activities can occur: micro-concerts (Löpez, Palo Alto), live acts, and performances (Luján Marcos). Antonio Morales fills out the program, relating music videos with film and with a screening of a silent film whose score consists of contemporary music and reappropriated soundtracks.

6 September
Troche y noche [Music videos left and right!]
Nowwwh + TBA
Purposely undefined and experimental, the online platform Nowwwh temporarily becomes more than just virtual to share with us a number of videos by Madrid-area performers.  The performers themselves will be present to share their work with us and have a nice friendly chat.  In addition to a surprise activity, there will be an online continuation of the in situ activity, featuring new videos that can be seen from home, creating new relationships and new audiences.

13 September
Speed and the sights
Negocios Raros + Lolo y Sosaku + Low Money + Unengel
We say goodbye to summer and go back to school with several aural delights, ranging from acoustic fragility to 8-bit destruction.  Organized by

Fer Roldán