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This work is an installation of three video pieces that explore the sacred texts of the three monotheistic, Abrahamic religions: The Torah, The New Testament and the Koran.
In El Péndulo (The Pendulum), a video-installation of three screens, the artist Maya Watanabe takes the sacred texts of the three monotheistic religions as a point of departure to question how we create our own narrative: Is our narrative how we create our identity? How can we understand ourselves as unique beings as well as a collective, through narrative?

Narrative, identity and space form our being as a whole but what happens if these guiding principles are broken. We are facing a period in which narratives of identity and its relationship with space/context is subverted and reformed without these principles: narrative as a fragmented map of ideas, space as a context free of spatial reference points and identity as flux.
  This exhibition is part of Apoyo Matadero Madrid through which we expose the work of young artists based in Madrid that are given the opportunity to produce their own work for Matadero. In this case it is the Peruvian Artist, Maya Watanabe.

Maya Watanabe   Lima, 1983. Lives and works in Madrid.    Maya Watanabe’s work has recently been shown at Palais de Tokyo in Paris, the Lima Art  Museum, the Cervantes Institute in Berlin, Espacio Fundación Telefónica in Lima and in Buenos  Aires; as well as in other institutions in South and North America, Europe and Asia. She has  also participated in the Beijing Biennale 2009, Amsterdam Mediamatic Biennale 2009, and in  festivals such as Videobrasil, LOOP, FILE, Madrid Abierto and the International Festival of New  Latin American Cinema in Havana.    She has taken part in residency programmes by the Sacatar Institute (Bahía), El Ranchito- Matadero (Madrid) and Cité Internationale des Arts (Paris). Among other projects, she has  engaged with the audio-visuals for stage plays performed at the Royal Theatre in Madrid,  Palais Kabelwerk in Vienna and the Fonderie Limone at Teatro Stabile in Turin.

 In colaboration with: M.I.T. Promperú and Comunidad de Madrid