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Carlos Arroyo, Vampirella and Pilar Cristóbal
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This monthly meeting brings together architect Carlos Arroyo, journalist Vampirella and sexology specialist Pilar Cristóbal so they may share individual reflections around architecture.

The architect and professor of Universidad Europea de Madrid, Carlos Arroyo, meets the journalist Paloma Aznar, better known under her pseudonym Vampirella, and the liberal arts graduate Pilar Cristóbal, specialized on psychology, anthropology and sexology. They will talk about individual reflections and experiences on one of the monthly dialogues of Ménage À Trois.   With the aim of an architect to share an intimate moment with two other people in presence of and heterogeneous audience, Ménage À Trois offers  meetings that serves the following procedure: Fundación Arquitectura COAM invites an architect, which will invite another person of his/her interest, either because he/she knows this person and they share common interest, either because they don´t know each other and the architect wishes to know him/her. The only condition is that the invited person should not be an architect himself/herself.

The person invited by the architect invites a third person of interest, for the same reasons explained above or different ones. The three people invited, by mutual agreement, will propose a central theme from which to start their Ménage À Trois.