Matadero Madrid center for contemporary creation

From September 22 to January 29 2023


Realities in Transition
From September 22 to January 29 2023

Tuesday to Thursday from 5pm to 9pm. Friday, saturday and sunday from 12 to 9pm. Monday closed


Exploring new digital territories from art

A metaverse is an interconnected network of tridimensional and immersive visual environments, something possible thanks to a convergence of technologies which allows interactions with digital objects and avatars. However, the concept of metaverse goes beyond that, as it is a post-reality universe which expands physical reality and blends it with digital reality.

We need a new understanding of the digital media landscape we are entering. An understanding and a practice to approach critically the new challenges it poses, and to act out its political implications. To understand the relationships between the immersive virtual space and the physical space. It is undeniable that both conform a single "reality", without any break in continuity.

Metaverses are a reality, but a multiple, complex one, and not the ultimate reality. It is up to us to design the digital future we want, and to provide the resources in order to have creative, accessible, sustainable and diverse metaverses.

Artistic team and specifications

    L.E.V. Laboratorio de Electrónica Visual


    Ministerio de Cultura de Taiwán, la Oficina Económica y Cultural de Taipéi en España, y el Foro Cultural de Austria

    Unión Europea

Past activities

Visual Arts
January 14th 2023

A hybrid e-rave where the virtual and the physical intertwine

Visual Arts
december 10, 2022

A workshop to discover PatchWorld, the first fully-immersive musical world-builder for the metaverse


Special projects
From September 22 to January 29 2023

Exploring new digital territories from art