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By David Mamet
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Tuesday to Saturday 8pm. Sundays 7pm.
Tickets cost €22. Discount of 25% on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays (€16.50 on Theatre Night, 1 April)
Naves Matadero
Sala Fernando Arrabal
An engaged millionaire gets a phone call just before his retirement. A call he wished he never accepted.
Mamet has always had a special relationship with Spain, not only because the vast majority of his works have been performed here but also because they have always been first-class productions. His new play is no exception, and the usual standard of quality is assured by trusting its performance to the Talycual theatre company, which brought Race to Spanish stages. Once again, the company has secured the nation’s top theatres and artistic elements for its Spanish adaptation of China Doll. The production is every bit as professional as the original one, which opened on Broadway last November. Spain will be the first country where the play can be viewed since it debuted in New York, and it’s sure to be a great show.   A millionaire has just bought an aeroplane as a wedding gift for his young fiancée. He intends to retire and devote himself entirely to her. On his last day in the office, before the couple is supposed to meet, he gives instructions to his young assistant so that he can oversee the business from a distance. Just before he leaves, however, he receives a last-minute call that will change everything.    

Director: Juan Carlos Rubio

José Sacristán
Javier Godino
  Artistic Team: Adapted by Bernabé Rico Assistant director Chus Martínez Set design Curt Allen Wilmer Lighting design José Manuel Guerra Sound design Mariano García Costume design Guadalupe Valero Costume making DERBY 1951 Photography Sergio Parra Communications and Social Media Daniel de Vicente Production and tour management Jacinto Bravo, Salvador Aznar Distribution Bravo Teatro Executive production Bernabé Rico

A production by TALYCUAL and BRAVO TEATRO.
Sergio Parra