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Museum of fiction I. EMPIRE

Video installation performance art piece by Matías Umpierrez
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Tuesday to Sunday / 7.30pm and 9pm 

Naves del Español en Matadero

In her work, artist Matías Umpierrez explores the contemporary modalities of the links between the spectator and fiction. Within this framework, her projects cross the borders that exist between the performing and the visual arts and cinema, activating a public-stage-discourse-stage-territory dialectic.

Her Museum of Fiction proposes a dialogue about the displacement that dramatic action can provoke in a system of museum-collection-conservation-exhibition-time, by challenging the temporal-spatial limits of fiction.

The inaugural work of the Museum of Fiction is EMPIRE, an adaptation of William Shakespeare?s Macbeth which will immerse the audience in a nightmarish dream that will inhabit an eternal loop wherever it is presented. This version, which takes place in the post-dictatorship Spain of the 1990s, highlights fiction as a tool for social and political mediation, producing a mix between the entertainment industry, the mechanisms of power today, and the fury aroused by the confrontation between tradition and globalisation.

A video installation performance art piece by Matías Umpierrez freely based on William Shakespeare?s Macbeth.

The work Empire I for the Museum of Fiction is a co-production between Donostia Kultura, Museoa San Telmo, dFERIA, and Studio Matías Umpierrez. Special thanks for their support to Rolex Mentor and Protégé Arts Initiative.