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El Ranchito Colombia public presentation
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Nave 16. Centro de residencias
After six weeks of work behind closed doors, the artists participating in El Ranchito Colombia are now presenting their projects to the public in Nave 16.
For the occasion of ARCO Colombia 2015, Matadero Madrid and the Colombian centre FLORA ars+natura have teamed up to develop an international residency programme between the two countries: El Ranchito Colombia. Since February 27th and after six weeks of work behind closed doors, the artists participating in this edition of El Ranchito are now presenting their projects to the public in Nave 16 at Matadero Madrid. 
  The Colombian artists —Liliana Angulo Cortés, Catalina Jaramillo Quijano, Ana María Millán and John Mario Ortiz— and the Spanish artists —Jorge Fuembuena, Carlos Irijalba, Asunción Molinos Gordo and Jorge Perianes— were selected by curators José Roca, Jaime Cerón, María Wills and Manuela Villa for a project of critical reflection on the legacy of Spanish botanist José Celestino Mutis, who was born in Cadiz in 1732 and died in Bogota in 1808, particularly in regard to what the expedition led by Mutis in the 18th century meant for the scientific worlds in Spain and Colombia.

This contemporary art project has served to renew the direct ties between Madrid's Royal Botanical Garden, which holds Mutis's original prints, and the Colombian region of Honda, where the artistic residency of the four Spanish artists will take place. It was to this region that Mutis led his historical expedition.  
These are the projects: Jorge Fuembuena PLANCTUM performs a series of expeditions to laboratories, research centers and botanical files to perform a contextual cataloging of these species in mutation; Catalina Jaramillo Quijano A CURIOUS FLORILEGIUM claims the Florilegio as pre-scientific botanical illustration that opposes the positivist function of the illustrative sheet; Carlos Irijalba DROMOSPHERE analyzes how the act of naming is the origin of the colonial enterprise; Liliana Angulo Cortés A CASE OF REPARATION traveled to the Archivo de Indias in Seville to find documents in which the role of slave labor in colonial scientific enterprises is revealed; Jorge Perianes looks at entropic processes and builds improba-ble realities from prior disconnected fragments; Asuncion Molinos Gordo UNCOMMON KNOWLEDGE drawis traditional knowledge to try to symbolically subvert scientific knowledge recovering the popular practice of dowsing as a tool of deconstruction; Ana Maria Millan SUGAR LOVERS focuses on two species studied by Mutis: a type of worker ant and a plant known colloquially as the Borrachero or Floripondio, entering into the popular and mythical sym- bolism associated with these species; John Mario Ortiz LEVELLING - NIGHT SOWING gets inspiration for a sculptural installation from the scientist Francisco José de Caldas of Granada and his contributions to the measurement of the territory,    In a first moment the eight artists have worked together in Madrid and in November the four Spanish artists will perform a residency in Honda, Colombia, and a series of meetings with their Colombian counterparts in Honda and Bogotá, to complete the cycle and the experience. The results of this exchange will be presented in December 2015 in FLORA Bogota.

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