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Escaravox Oficial. 12 O'Clock Shadow
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Matadero Madrid
Terraza Matadero.
ESCARAVOX OFICIAL. A sound session where Plaza Matadero is filled with deck chairs and 12 O'clock Shadow encourages us to watch the stars.
ESCARAVOX OFICIAL. Our hearing is sharper in the dark, allowing us to hear sounds that otherwise get lost in the madding crowd.  Together under the night sky, we'll watch the stars while we're serenaded with a set by 12 O’Clock Shadow.  Get immersed in active listening with field recordings and music samples, together in an installation with several speakers and live spatialized sound.

In the dark, immersed in a certain ambience with our hearing sharpened (we'll dim the lights, and we encourage you come with your own flashlights or candles), you will work live with sound material, made up of field recordings (a place's acoustic documentation) and different "nights" taken from Radio Aporee ::: Maps (a collaborative effort in sound cartography where users can share recordings made in a natural or urban environment and geographically connect them in Google Maps, which will have been "hacked" expressly for this purpose).  This phonographic material, made exclusively in the night, will be performed in spatialized sound over several speakers, creating at the same time a kind of multi-channel installation where sound travels between the audience members.  It can be enjoyed outdoors and in almost complete darkness, allowing for focused and concentrated active listening, relating the sounds played to the night noises that are typical of the place where we are hearing them.  We suggest everyone come with a mat and/or cushion in order to enjoy the session to its fullest extent. 

And, every Friday, Matadero Madrid houses Escaravox Pópuli.  Open call and programming at

Curated by the collective ¡Ja!

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