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Naves Matadero
Nave 10. Hall
The artist Monoperro has painted the mural Old Mirror Eyes in the hall of Nave 10 using everything that came out of a workshop he organised for older people.
Monoperro calls himself a self-taught artist due to his “almost zero academic experience”, or so he says. At the age of 33, he suffered a major crisis that transformed his life and led him down a spiritual and esoteric path. Since then he has delved into shamanism, alchemy and tarot, while at the same time immersing himself in different healing arts “from an unorthodox position”, he points out.
  His artistic activity begins to beat on a daily basis and his work is closely related to conscience and personal transformation through art. He exhibits his work in various galleries or art centres around the world and some of his works, such as Powers for sale (Se venden Poderes) -in collaboration with the artist Anak- have taken him to places as diverse as the Yokohama Triennial (Japan), London, South Korea or Buenos Aires. He has written several books and has just opened the space El Liberatorio, “dedicated to the dissemination of the liberant arts (a neologism with which we wish to indicate anything and everything that can be used to liberate the human being)", he says. He carries out workshops, Magical Drawing and Tarot reading sessions in this space.

During the past 10 years he has explored and worked on drawing as a tool for transformation and for understanding the unconscious. “This work is based on the premise that art is a channel of communication with the unknown, and a work of conscience," he explains. In this way, his Magical Drawing workshops are aimed at people who are seeking to connect with their talent, ready to begin a work of personal transformation and to explore their creative potential. As far as Monoperro is concerned, his pupils don’t need to be skilled with pencils, because as he says, "we all know how to draw".
  He painted the mural Old Mirror Eyes in the hall of Nave 10 , using everything that came out of a workshop he organised for older people. “It was the first time that someone over 50 had come to my workshops and I was very interested in their point of view. Above all, in exploring through their memory the ideas of myth and symbolism, two of the themes I work with in my sessions: the history of life as a myth on which a symbology is created". That is why this mural converses with individual memory understood as a mythology of the unconscious. Using symbols, the mural shows how memory constructs its own reality and how Monoperro acts as a medium in order to draw it.