Matadero Madrid center for contemporary creation

OPENLAB#02 The Metabolic Sublime

Desde 10/02/2023 17:50 hasta 11/02/2023 23:00

17:50 - 23h

Nave 16


We inhabit a complex system of flows and assemblages; energy networks, mineral exploitations, urban peripheries, hydrological cycles, logistic chains, rainforests, data infrastructures... hybrid mechanisms that terraform the surface of our planet in a continuous loop of fracture, amalgamation and rearrangement.

During the last six months, in collaboration with a broad interdisciplinary community of artists, citizens and experts, Medialab Matadero has explored the ecosystemic implications of our current energy regimes on a planetary scale, to ask ourselves about alternative ones, and about the protocols, tools, institutions, cultures and/or dynamics that will make them possible.

What new non-extractivist relationships can we establish with our territories and infrastructures? Can artificiality help us design an agro-industrial system capable of feeding the world without devouring the planet? What other models of material circularity do we need to guarantee the present and future self- egulation of the Earth system?

Energy sovereignty, agrologistic automation, phantom extractivisms, territorial instrumentalization, decarbonization, geoengineering...welcome to OpenLAB#02 The Metabolic Sublime; two intensive critical sessions of lectures, audiovisual projections, artistic performances and interdisciplinary projects where to imagine other energy models for an anti-collapse future -from primordial neo-economies based on solar instrumentalization, to algorithmic governance of carbon cycles-. With a horizon in which any kind of environmental viability requires the necessary interdependence between ecology and technology, we propose to transcend the dualistic discourses between degenerationist ecologism and idyllic technosolutionism to build eclectic and operative structures of thought capable of navigating the ambiguities and contradictions of our entangled reality.

On February 10 and 11, Medialab Matadero opens its doors to share the results of the work of the last six months, with the participation of Marina Otero, Formafantasma, Lydia Kallipoliti, Gerard Ortín, Kent Chan, Gatasanta, Joanna Moll, Liam Young, Holly Jean Buck, Tomás Clavijo, Jan Swam, Emilia GrimaMalitzin Cortes and Ivan Abreu, as well as the people who have developed the Collaborative Prototyping Laboratory of LAB#02,  With the projects selected in open call.


CHANGE IN THE PROGRAMME: The project "Sun as a new currency" will be presented on Friday at 20:15h and  project "Transmutational food" will do it on Saturday at 18:45h.

  • Dolor al Oeste: access rider para un paisaje, with María Morata Marco, Lorenzo Galgó, Anna Jarosz, Fernando Vilchez Rodrígues, Lorenzo Galgó, Lucía Bravo y Patricia Villanueva
  • La reestética empírica, with Josep Maria Gatnau, Isabella Cintra Almeida, Sergio Sanchís, Vanessa Martínez Utrera, Vassilis Krikonis y Silvia García Sánchez
  • Fruit Atlas, with Alfonse Chiu, Tiyan Baker, María Elisa Gómez, Carla Piacenza, Rita Zamora y Anastasia Sinitsyna
  • Transmutational Food, with Wladimir Pulupa, Helena Daher Gomes, Daniel Mateos San Martín, Silvia García Sánchez, Cecilia Zoppi, Helena Ortin
  • All our best machines are made of sunshine, with Max Dovey, Bruno Szenk, Cecilia Serrano Moreno, Elena Buzueva, Lila Izquierdo e Irene de Boe
  • El sol como nueva divisa, with Yujin Joung, Sandu Cojocari, Howard Melncyczuk, Rawan Khater y Nawon Koo
  • Todas las huellas la huella. Estéticas energéticas, with Elena Lavellés, Uriel Alejandro Sterin, Amparo L. Corral, Brenda Chavez, Manuela Sancho Sanchez y Mónica Gutiérrez Herrero
  • Learning From Gis, with Marine Lemarié, Nicolas Stephan, Boram Koh, Joaquín Lozano Suárez, Zainab Tariq y Johannes Schlusche


Free admission until full capacity