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Del 21 septiembre al 3 octubre 2021

Martes a viernes 17 – 20.30h.

Sábados y domingos 12 – 20.30h.



Extensión AVAM

Visual representative project of the Earth - nature metaphorized and celebrated through a series of Papers-culture.

 “Papeles de la Tierra” is the title of the exhibition that GÓMEZ DE ZAMORA offers you through the representation of the Earth and in which your careful and delicate observation, dear viewer, may allow you to remember the sublime moment in the that on a walk, reflection, visit or desire, you experienced the Earth.

         Earth of contemporary stream of living waters,

         sinuously detailed horizon,

         of a desert shifting dune

         Earth boundary of stormy raging ocean

          or of foamy and relaxing white cloud

         Universal Earth re-covered with numerous constellations

          of multicolored autumn forest

         What if of disturbing leopard skin?

         Archipelago earth identified by difference

or perhaps in the form of a labyrinth where you go back from childhood to old age, from old age to childhood in a repeated natural cycle.

          Who knows.

The mother Earth - origin - cause is the immortal seat of fictitiously stabilized life, metaphorized since its becoming. The series “Papeles de la Tierra” is the product of the space-time process that iron oxide has slowly but inexorably recorded. It also shows slowly but inexorably our unfolding in constant vital eagerness to perpetuate ourselves on this Earth that is not even yours, mine and his and not the one who has more as the poet sang, an effort to continue in a naturally-cultural way.

          If it is in nature where being is found and in culture where understanding is sought, it is in nature the cause and meaning in culture.

          Look to see “Papers of the earth”