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CURL + Parris + BFlecha + Dâm-Funk
Start date
End date
13 September, from 9.30 p.m. to 1 a.m. 14 September, from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m.
Free access until full capacity
Plaza Matadero
Concerts to celebrate the end of summer, with contemporary artists CURL, Parris, BFlecha and Dâm-Funk.
We believe that a Rentrée only makes sense as a celebration, and that's what we intend with La Plaza Rentrée that puts an end to summer: to celebrate music as one of the few spaces in democracy capable of fulfilling the promise of radical empathy, which artists like Kate Tempest talk about incessantly. Music as a fabric of affections, resistances, as a construction ground for other narrations and also as a universe of multiple identity celebrations: music turned into a space where the frontiers between styles disappear, where pop culture, the experimental and the festive are embraced, and where we can freely and incessantly affirm everything that builds us into individuals and members of different affection communities.   FRIDAY 13 SEPTEMBER

CURL (live + dj set)

It is an honour to be able to present Mica Levi's new project for the first time on the peninsula. Along with her will be Coby Sey, electronic and hip hop producer (Tirzah or DELS), Brother May, another sui generis hip hop producer, and some surprise guests. CURL is a London-based multidisciplinary collective that embraces different styles and genres, between pop, electronics, experimental music and dance marked by British post-rave culture.. With Mica Levi, a true free electron of modern music, capable of all records from the most earthly avant-garde: Micachu & the Shapes and their masterful soundtracks for Under the Skin (Jonathan Glazer) or Jackie (Pablo Larrain) are samples of a special talent, ranging from contemporary music to the most dislocated pop. In Madrid they will perform their live show and a dj set of the collective, in which there will be everything for everyone.

Parris (dj set)

Productor y Dj, Parris is one of the best-kept secrets of the London club scene; only a few artists can embrace all the possibilities of the most futuristic music being produced right now; perhaps because it was formed during those legendary nights FWD>>, based on dubstep and grime, until he developed his own bass music style for labels such as Idle Hands, Tempa, Hemlock or Keysound. In any case, his sound is unique: huge bass electronics in future mode. 


BFlecha (live)

In a dimension where electronics, contemporary R&B and Atlanta's new sound are formulated, BFlecha sets the basis and sends us coordinates full of visual proposals that immerse us in plural universes loaded with synthesizers and a deep rooted discourse on the woman of 2019. With a vocal background through different registers, the producer BFlecha bets on futuristic motives which open new channels to communicate seemingly unconnected planets through a sound ziggurat based on urban music, pop and even traditional music. Her next album, to be released in Q4 2019, will explore the limits between the physical and virtual person in hyperconnected times. Traditional instruments such as bagpipes or organic percussions clash with digital textures and virtual environment simulations, highlighting the dialectic between the human and the machine, a metaphysics of contemporary man in search of the self in the fourth industrial revolution.

Dâm-Funk (dj set)

Californian producer Dâm-Funk has once again proved to be one of the undisputed kings of Modern-Funk after collaborating with Christine and the Queens on his latest hit, Damn, dis-moi / Girlfriend; Projects with Snoop Dogg (7 Days of Funk) or Nite-Jewel (Nite-Funk) collaborations with Flying Lotus, Tyler The Creator, De La Soul, Ariel Pink or Erykah Badu show his versatility and why everyone wants him. Dâm-Funk, influenced and marked by the one and only Prince, will give us one of his legendary sessions with funk in all its versions: Boogie, Modern-Soul, Post-Disco, Deep-House and Modern-Funk. 

Artistic team and specifications
José Luis Villalobos