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Public presentation of the Oficina de Investigación Documental project, in the form of an ephemeral exhibition, performance and conference.

Since 2022, Oficina de Investigación Documental (Office of Documentary Research), an interdisciplinary team of researchers and creators, has been working at Medialab Matadero, first as a research project selected by public call and then as a working group. Their research focuses on the use of new digital technologies and transdisciplinary research methodologies for the production of new evidence and visualizations around the forced disappearance of human remains and their relocation in the Valley of Cuelgamuros -formerly Valley of the Fallen-, as part of the necropolitical violence that sustained Franco’s regime. Through meticulous work on documentation, the study of the stories of the victims' relatives who seek to exhume their loved ones and the use of experimental tools, they manage to reveal the truth hidden in oblivion and make possible the recovery of memory.

For the first time it will be possible to see the results of their work, with the public presentation of the prototype of the Atlas of the Disappearance, which will take the form of a digital platform and an experimental museum of memory, initiated by citizens in collaboration and proximity with the victims and associations of historical memory. This day will try to deploy the documentary research of the whole process, through an ephemeral exhibition, a performance and a conference by the participants in the process.

During the 3 hours of the event (18:00 to 21:00 h.), four videos of the research carried out on specific places and people (victims of the forced disappearance) and a video essay on the archive of the Valley of the Fallen will be screened. Various materials, objects and images produced by OID will be exhibited in the space. At 19:00 there will be a gathering with part of the team, starting with a performance that will give way to a conference in which the project and the research carried out to date will be explained in detail.



18:00 h. Exhibition opening

19:00 h. Performance and conference

21:00 h. Closing

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