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By Jorge Fuembuena
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Matadero Madrid
Plaza Matadero
A photo essay featuring twenty pictures of different subjects of a varying physiognomy that turns its back on reality, that questions our unique emotional reactions, and that reflects upon the nature.
Jorge Fuembuena (Zaragoza, 1979) presents a portrait series entitled Portraits in Plaza Matadero, in which he extracts the individual from the collective or the community, handing over to each subject the task of deciding how to depict themselves.

This photo essay of twenty pictures is a personal document of subjects who turn their backs on reality.  In this way the artist questions our unique emotional reactions and reflects upon the nature of the social being and the individual.
  In the words of the artist, “a portrait is an act of seduction. Photography allows me to relate to others and to the world. That idea of metaphorizing the dichotomy of control and chaos.  As a photographer I work with what I know.  As an artist I work with what I don't know.  I think that the method, the dimension, and the system in which each person works determines their maturity as an author”.
  As part of this exhibition, fifty limited edition prints of one of the photographs from the showing will be made; these will be available for sale on the Matadero Madrid website.  

Jorge Fuembuena©
Jorge Fuembuena©