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Presentation of the book “Fly, April”

Ana Belén Higueras de la Calle
16 October 2021



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Casa del Lector

The presentation of “Fly, April” is framed within the project “I Read with You Again, the Magic of Reading as a Family Again”, which Casa del Lector makes available to its visitors. Before girls and boys learn to read, reading is a shared activity that encourages parents to share time and games with their children: first through the stories we read to them and then by helping them to develop reading skills of their own, following with them each of the syllables written down on the page, accompanying them in a process that ends with them becoming readers. Our intention, through “Fly, April”, the exhibition that accompanies it and the workshop we will be carrying out, is to discover the pleasure of reading, how beneficial it is for everyone, the leisurely rhythm it imposes and how reading as a family strengthens emotional bonds. We will also talk about magical realism and we will try to reconcile the realism of the adult age with the magic of boys and girls, all of this through collaborative dynamics between parents and their kids.

Recommended age: 10-12 years old, accompanied by their parents.

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