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Matadero Madrid
Matadero Madrid is a centre for cultural creation and production that brings together all forms of contemporary artistic research and expression: the visual and performing arts, performance, design, literature, digital culture, architecture and many other creative practices that are not easily classified. As part of its quest to facilitate interdisciplinary experiences, Matadero fosters an encounter between languages and so provides an environment in which different modes of cultural production can inform and draw on each other.

Matadero is an ecosystem whose various spaces accommodate a wide range of uses, initiatives and stakeholders. An ecosystem in which artistic knowledge is combined with scientific and technological research. An ecosystem that operates at the local level and which is also alert to issues that have a global impact. An ecosystem linked to international projects working to forge meaning with their communities.

The centre’s programme features debates, artistic residencies, projects that support the production of art, exhibitions, festivals, performances, concerts, research, interventions in the city’s public space, educational programmes and publications. Matadero is not just what it does, it is also a way of doing; it is an open forum where people can meet, celebrate and discover and that they can be part of. It’s a space for conversation and debate, for promoting critical thinking and for contributing to the renewal of ideas and languages. It works like a watchful radar which, by means of cross-disciplinary projects between the institutions that comprise it, can react flexibly to new social challenges in response to which culture is galvanised as a tool for change.

Matadero aims to stimulate experimentation as an essential tool for the emergence of a new culture.

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