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By Ramón Miranda
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Plaza Matadero
Installation by Ramon Miranda composed of concrete slabs with texts and images linked to the Public Safety Law.
Public Events is an installation by Ramón Miranda Beltrán inspired by the recently approved Public Safety Law, which creates a space for reflection on the role played by social movements, art and the State in the creation of critical citizens.   The artist presents a series of archival images and texts relating to revolutions and popular uprisings – both successful and unsuccessful – which over the course of history put forward a critical view of the times and used the public sphere as a forum for the expression of conflict and dissent.     Public Events is a site-specific sculpture made for the public space in Plaza Matadero. The installation comprises 89 concrete slates onto which the artist has transferred texts and photographs developed thorough analogue film processing. Miranda creates an interactive mechanism wherein the archive is, as described by the curator, spread out like a “touchable horizontal mausoleum” that is “made to be touched by the public, and which upon touching and reading makes us reflect on what it is that touches us.”   Ramón Miranda Beltrán (San Juan de Puerto Rico, 1982) studied art at the Art Institute of Chicago and at the University of Puerto Rico. His work has been exhibited at the California Museum of Photography (CMP), Museo del Barrio de Nueva York and the Puerto Rico Museum of Contemporary Art. Among his solo exhibitions are Pinta New York 2012 Art Projects (2012); Chicago is My Kind of Town (2009) and We are Dust at CAAM in Gran Canaria (2015), of which the current installation is a site-specific continuation.  


B.O.E del 31 de marzo de 2015. Ley de Seguridad Ciudadana

Hegemonía y Estrategia Socialista: hacia una radicalización de la democracia. Ernesto Laclau y Chantal Mouffe, 1985. 

The Artistic Mode of Revolution: From Gentrification to Occupation. Martha Rosler, 2012




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Omar-Pascual Castillo
Friday, 11 of September, 19 pm. Free access