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Teresa Solar Abboud
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Madrilean artist Teresa Solar Abboud exhibits her latest work in Abierto x Obras at Centro de Residencias Artísticas.
Teresa Solar presents a grand cavalcade of similar sculptural forms, of arches that vary in terms of size and symbolism, showcasing for the observer the artist’s creative geography, which constantly changes and slips away and whose meaning arises not so much from the individuality of each object as from its relationship to the set as a whole.

Solar's work draws inspiration from the Comparative Anatomy Museum in Paris, where the skeletons of hundreds of vertebrate animals are exhibited. The skeletons are laid out to create an enormous mass that seems to be walking forward, enabling morphological comparison between species, revealing kinships among the various subjects and offering an account of evolution and progress. Solar creates a mix between the museum, with its carefully planned layout, and the piecemeal and haphazard storage area of an amusement park, to shape a halting landscape which grows more like the chaotic offshoots of a shrub than the defined branches of a family tree.
The notion of transit and growth is a recurrent theme in the images of Ride, Ride, Ride. Presiding over the installation is the great Nut, goddess of the night in Pharaonic Egypt. Covering the river of the underworld with her belly, her body represents the sun’s hidden journey during the night. Under this mantle of mythological darkness, the artist invites us to visit a night world where marine animals coexist with fair horses, canoes and teeth, with each one contributing a different proportion, colour and texture to the repeated arches, making up a large lexical family of sister shapes.
Teresa Solar Abboud (Madrid, 1985) Her work finds expression in audiovisual and sculptural pieces in which the languages of the two disciplines connect and interact with each other. She has exhibited her pieces in collective exhibitions at Haus der Kunst in Munich, Stiftung Skulpturenpark in Cologne and La Casa Encendida and Sala de Arte Joven Avenida de América in Madrid, among other venues. She has also held solo exhibitions at Centre d’art la Panera in Lleida, The Green Parrot and Joan Prats Gallery in Barcelona.


Inauguration: Friday, February 16 at 7 pm.