Matadero Madrid center for contemporary creation

Rocío Guzmán + Kataryna Gryvul & Alex Guevara + NSDOS

September 21

21 to 00:00h


20 €

Central de diseño

Digital folk, the emotional catharsis of a collaborative performance, and live augmented music and dance

Rocío Guzmán Sonada _ES
Imagine a folklore made by machines; the wild passion of the most traditional Andalusian rituals riding through a wiring of intravenous loops, amorous coplas of flamenco 2.0 sessions bleeding through the sockets. Rocío Guzmán teams up with Manu Prieto and his "dada machines" to sign SONADA, her unpredictable first self-released album which she will perform live at L.E.V. Matadero. The artist from Jaén digs a sentimental, deep and eternal tunnel: a popular songbook for robots and drones, mixing rumba, electronica, lyrical songs, continuous music, flamenco and sci-fi soundscapes. 

Rocío Guzmán

Katarina Gryvul & Alex Guevara Live AV _UA / PE·DE
Katarina Gryvul is a Ukrainian born composer and sound artist. Her work focuses on a variety of timbres and sound textures resulting in a mixture between organic classical sounds together with ambient electronic music. For this year’s festival, she will do a collaborative performance together with the Peruvian digital artist Alex Guevara. Expect a performance filled with catharsis and emotional release. An intense and immersive experience where the glitchy and distorted visuals will reflect on the fragmented and chaotic nature of Alex, while Katarina’s music, using recordings of her heavy, anxious breathing from her first panic attacks she experienced when Russia invaded Ukraine, provides a cathartic release that allows us to process and translate these events. 

Katarina Gryvul

The alternative approach and the way he reinterprets technological tools have made French pluridisciplinary artist NSDOS one of the most important techno hackers of his generation. In his projects he does not use conventional tools and software, but rather chooses to create his own media: futuristic musical instruments built from old audio converters, Gameboy emulators or assembled metal parts give shape to surrealistic machines. Surrounded by his hybrid creations, NSDOS unravels the rectilinear anatomy of techno music. For L.E.V. Matadero, he will be presenting an augmented interactive music and dance AV performance with spatialized sound.